Friday, August 17, 2007


When my google reader reached 100+ unread posts, I panicked a bit and then went about my business feeling shaky and sweaty, but able to step away from my laptop. (The addiction isn't so cute anymore.)

jolly ranchers

I made some earrings. (They are not edible.)

I saw a concert with the most excellent people. (I can't speak to their edible/inedible status.)
I even found a book to devour.

I took kids numerous places (including a long stop at IHOP), had my car battery die on me, did numerous loads of laundry, had my car jump-started and drank copious amounts of tea, just because I could.
I'll be back, dear internet, and when I do, I'll try not to act like the fiend that I am.
{blogger knows I am trying to do this quickly and so, the formatting is being difficult - so sorry}


Cara said...

Great book, hope you enjoy it. I know the feeling when the reader get to +100.

Sam said...

Those earings are sooo cute!! I love to make jewelry. I stay stocked with all kinds of beads and then I can make things to match specific outfits. It's a bit of an obsession really.

Daisy said...

Heheheheh you have the same granite tile as me!!!! :-P

kate said...

i so completely love the earrings, they would be perfect with my new shoes...

-stephanie's cyber bff