Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thanks bud

It just occurred to me why Zack has been nuzzling up to me, all snuggly this morning. It's not because he wants to cuddle with me as much as my kitten-soft wubby robe.

So, I called him on it. With a grin.

He came back with telling me how soft my skin is, my hair. And then he said something to start the day off right: "And your heart, Mommy, is really soft."

{Sometimes they know what to say.}


Anonymous said...

That has got to be one of the sweetest things I've heard!!! What a cutie pie! What did you do to deserve that?!?


Dave (& Jen) said...

I think you're soft too... was that weird? :)

Lisa Milton said...

Um no, it is not weird. If you asked for a hot pink soft robe of your own, I'd be worried.

CG said...

You have to put that one is a book. That is so sweet, I hope mine will say sweet stuff like that.

Daisy said...

Agreed. Very cute sentiment. My kids sometimes warm my heart this way, but its usually when I have some yummy snack in my hand. "Hi Mom!!!!! (cuddle cuddle). So, whatcha got there mom?"

I'm such the sucker.