Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Progress report

Hi. My name is Sleepy-bug Mommy. You may know me as Lisa or Mama, but don't be fooled. It is midafternoon on a hot August day and I want to take a nappy-poo. But then who will take the troops to swimming lessons?

I don't see any volunteers, so onward march I go.

I'm starting to question a few of my methods this summer. Like getting up a 6 am. Maybe I would be bright and cheery right this minute if I slept in like a respectable mama. But it is the only time I get to be alone. ALONE. And alone is cheaper than therapy, so the schedule stays.

Also, maybe I shouldn't make such a fuss over teaching the kids new tricks. I've got Lexi fetching the phone for me these days and occasionally, she will even pick it up. And bring it to me in the tub, so I can die talking to a telemarketer. Or saying, "my Mom left me all alone with my little brother..." like she's some neglected waif. Clearly she doesn't understand the fine arts of phone screening. It's crucial if she's going to grow up to be just like me.

And teaching Zack to read - was that really necessary? He loves to look at the calendar at 6:30 and dictate my day to me. There's no more 'gee, that show isn't on all day'. He knows. He suspects I used to lie; I see it in his eyes. Of course, literacy backfires. I'm not buying the whole 'this book is too hard for little ol' me' bit during the sanctioned quiet reading time, mid-afternoon. Whine and fuss if you like, little man, but if you are going to ask why Mommy needs V-A-L-I-U-M , you certainly can manage 'Little Bear'.

Clearly knowledge is power. (And maybe overrated said the fatigued one.) I think I need some coffee. Is it too early for a cocktail?


stephanie said...

I've been trying to say something for two days, but your comments don't like my laptop...*sigh*

Anyway - Your knowledge is power; their knowledge is simply inconvenient.

I say keep the 6am alone time and nap through PBS afternoon shows. I've had some funky waking dreams during "Clifford." Invigorating, even.

Be well, friend.

Suzanne said...

Your daughter cracks me up with the "mom left me all alone with my little brother"... My son recently told my husband that he was "starving" because I had been "too lazy to fix breakfast" earlier that morning. The truth, of course, was different. But I loved the drama... all the while wanting to wring his little neck.