Monday, August 13, 2007


I'm napping. Or maybe reading my big pile of books. Last summer I met my 30 book quota; I think I am at 3 so far in 2007. It's pathetic.

I will be in and out (I say with an aura of authority, like I have a bazillion readers) while we make it through one more week of swimming lessons, marimba classes and lots of laying around at the park.

(Dude. I love to read.)

How are you spending the last weeks of summer?


Suzanne said...

I'm getting ready for school already... I'm homeschooling my oldest this year. Yeah, I'm insane. I'm already in the early stages of a panic attack. I've told almost no one about it, just in case it totally crashes and burns.

Lisa Milton said...

Hey Suzanne!

Try not to panic - you hit me as a great candidate for teaching at home. I've considered it over the years and I think it can be an amazing experience for the whole family.

{Also, if it doesn't work for you, it will be okay. =]}

I'll be waiting to hear how it goes.


stephanie said...

30 books? Even if I read every selection in my monthly book group, that's only 12 for the year (look at me doing math!). You might notice the five titles on my Library Thing have not changed all summer...

Go you! I'll try not to cry (out loud) when you don't post for days...