Friday, August 10, 2007

Field trip and celebrity sightings

in front of the Big House at Ft. Vancouver

Today instead of whining on the couch about my runny nose (I cannot live in denial any longer - I have a cold) or drippy frozen treats, my Mom and I packed ourselves some lunches and went to the Ft. Vancouver historical site. I have passed it perhaps 100 times since we moved here, and still not managed to mosey on over.

Zack wasn't exactly thrilled about the guided tour, but Lexi was amazed by the first 'Barbie' doll on display there. (She thinks I'm lying when I tell her Mattel wasn't around in the 1840s. She just looks at me like I am so uninformed.) The best part was watching the blacksmith forge a hook in the fire - and he let them take it home. The kids were tickled, and certain that when they grow up they want to be blacksmiths too.

(I'll re-post more pictures on flickr tomorrow.)

Also, I was so fired up over the blizzard stickiness yesterday that I forgot to mention that I saw Art Alexakis from Everclear at the theatre. Or at least I think I did. I looked down the sidewalk and thought 'that looks like the dude from...' and usually this is stupid in Portland because we are virtually celebrity-free. But then I thought, hey wait, he lives here - I saw him in the Oregon State fair ad or something. Soon I was extrapolating that the young woman with him was his daughter, and I was hoping they have a good relationship because divorce is hard on kids, just like his songs say. Sometime after I had wikied him, I started to think that maybe I was a tad too invested in this stranger's life.

I can say that if it was him, he seemed like a pretty normal dude which is to say in Portlandese, he wore a black tee and sported some serious tats.

And I thought how strange it must be to have people looking at you, rubber-necking. I told Lexi later that that guy was a rock star. When I explained why I didn't bug him, she made it clear to me that if Mr. Mullet's little girl (that's Hannah Montana, y'all) were there, she would talk to her fer sure. They'd be best friends and all.

We live in a funky world.

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