Thursday, July 24, 2008

bermuda shorts, now with fringe

Greg's company sent us a package last week, outlining our upcoming trip to Bermuda. We reviewed the activities and I found it particularly helpful that they spelled out what we should wear for every occasion considering my often frumpy mom status.

(There was no mention of adidas track pants.)

Bermuda sounds like my kind of tropical island: giant turtles, pink sand, crystal caves (88 steps down, my brochure informs me).

And a modest shorts law, mandating knee length shorts which is funny because my upper thighs have been trying to pass similar legislation for years.

So I have been trying on sundresses - who keeps wrecking the zippers! stop that Cinderella's sisters! If it doesn't fit, you must proceed to the corner with a flask until you feel better! - and generally torturing myself with this business of shopping that I don't do well.

I only know I have but one shape

And I needed something dazzling for the Think Pink! awards night. Feast your eyes on the additional 40% off dress I landed yesterday:

It is nearly strapless and it fits like a glove, a glove that will be closely watching what she eats for the next few weeks.

And did I mention the fabulous tulle fringe on the border? Because I think I'm in love.

It's so fetching, I think I might add it to my current wardrobe.

It pairs nicely with jazz hands.

And who wouldn't love a sassy swimskirt?

(Although I think I should be drawing the attention away from my fore mentioned shy thighs and play up one of my good features, like my sense of humor.)


Kimberly said...

We have a family wedding to attend next month. I have my eye on a certain dress.

The ice cream last night was a bad idea, wasn't it?

The Girl Next Door said...

No way - did you get it at Ann taylor? BC a very similar looking dress was had by my friend - picked out by Mwah - just last weekend. And I was jealous b/c I gave it to her and she actually LIKED it (she's a shorts and tshirt girl) so I didn't even get to try it on! Boo hoo. You will look awesome.

Lisa Milton said...

I got it at Fred Meyers, a local store that Kroger's purchased a few years ago.

(I landed a second dress in clearance too. It's perfect for strolling around and even park dates. I feel so Stepfordish.)

Stu said...

They will notice your sense of humor no doubt. Sassy swimskirts and new dresses will just add to to it.

Have a great time.


Mrs. G. said...

It is kickly and lovely. Does it swirl?

Melanie said...

Didn't Fred Meyer's have the cutest dresses this season? I bought the brown silky one polka-dots and cap sleeves.

Fred Meyer's. Whodda thunk?

lapoflux said...

Ooooh - purty. I think I need to see more of that dress!!!
Here's to boarding planes - you have certainly earned the trip!!!

holly said...

i totally didn't know that was a law! bermuda shorts are LAW - that is wacky!!!!

niiiiiice dress...and the jazz hands made me giggle. you so must do them.

flutter said...

I will find you if you do not take at least one photo of you and jazz hands.

Suzanne said...

Bermuda... aaaah, I am so jealous. I say buy the beautiful dress a size bigger and eat whatever you want. Then again, I'm pregnant and I'm getting huge no matter what I do or don't eat... so maybe I shouldn't be giving health, beauty, or fashion tips.

Have an awesome trip!

Denise said...

Hello fellow pear,

Don't you just hate it when trying to find pants, skirts, etc? I swear I spent 3 hours in one store yesterday trying to find something to cover my thighs/hips and yet still be fun and hip.

What you got is seriously TDF!!

Daisy said...

yay! how fun! i won our President's Club trip to Bermuda when we did sales rewards trips. Now, our company is so cheap, we not only don't get anything as a Christmas bonus, we don't get any reward whatsoever for exceeding goal. bummer.

bermuda is lovely -- I hope you guys have a great time.

JCK said...

The dress looks gorgeous! How fun to be planning your wardrobe for the trip - even if you aren't much of a shopper.

The line about your upper thighs looking for legislation, etc., had me laugh out loud. I hear ya, Sistuh!

Rima said...

You are going to love Bermuda! We went there for our honeymoon. I remember a pretty strict dinner dress code at our hotel, but I didn't know anything about the shorts law, which I did violate because I weighed about ten pounds less back then.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

I want Fred Meyer dresses! They will only baffle my students, but what the Hell.

Supercute - tell me when you want to have a Stepford playdate and I'm there; we can make martinis in the shaker at 3 p.m., with aprons on.

I'm excited that we will be on luxurious vacations at the same time; if only not 5000 miles apart.