Sunday, July 27, 2008

the Busybody

I crossed paths with her just the other day.

I wanted to duck, to become invisible, but it was too late.

The Busybody got me.

Busybody is a sad woman, vacillating between Debbie Downer takes and questions about my children. She doesn't seem to like any teacher; she seeks to compare our children, put hers on top.

Her need to swap notes comes from an insecure place, from fear and a little boredom. Conversations with her make me want to express deliver antidepressants to her door.

Still, the questions about my kids' activities wear me out. Questions about this fall - 'Why haven't you moved yet?' - are even more draining, slowly dripping from her lips.

I turned my head to the park, my eyes fixed on my boy while she asked me why he wasn't doing this or that activity. Asking questions that would have seemed ludicrous back when I was seven and time, not scheduled activities, was my oyster.

And I said something that surprised me: 'He knows what he likes. I guess we'll look at other things when he shows an interest.'

It seems obvious to me. Lexi had been gone all afternoon and Zack had entertained himself with his hat, galloping around the house while I laid around, a little under the weather with a summer cold. He is tickled to help me around the house; he has a happy heart.

There will be time enough to compete, to build a resume. For now it is summer and to be a child - root beer floats and singing - is enough.


stephanie (bad mom) said...

Oh how I wish I had been there with my 'not-signed-up-for-anything-14-days-in-a-row' kids, to provide support for your crazy ways.

I love me the free time when they're at a fun[ner than crazy mom] day camp, but really it's more satisfying to hang out with my children and watch them be creative & joyous...As you understand. That's why we're friends and I never want to ask when you're moving.

flutter said...

kind of makes you wish she would wear a bell or something....to announce her arrival, you know?

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Laura has been signed up for anything ALL SUMMER LONG. I am loving watching her build with Legos, put puzzles together, read, and look for ladybugs in the grass. I suppose this woman's head would explode.

Good for you Lisa, YOU are good for your kids.

katydidnot said...

my kids are with yours, entertaining themselves with hats.

did you ever read a really great summer kid novel about skillbuild soccer camp and pottery class?

picture: tom and huck in summer gymnastics.

holly said...

you need a cloaking device! didn't you get one with the blogger registration?

and YAY for kids just having a flipping childhood! i mean i didn't have any of that stuff as a kid and i...

oh wait. i own nothing.
i run nothing.

time to call the activities board. . .

Mrs. G. said...

My kids don't do scheduled activities during the summer, because those activities cost $$$ and sometimes seem like daycare.

I think galloping around the yard sounds like a really good time. Throw in a large stick and you've got magic.

JCK said...

Oh, you are a kindred spirit. I SO believe in the importance of not overscheduling. Young children need to be free to play and experiment.

Good for you! I bet that shut her down pretty quick.

Kimberly said...

Oh the brilliance that is you. I wish more moms had that attitude.

We only signed up for one thing this summer. A six week summer reading program.

And we skipped last week. I felt so naughty.

MamaBird said...

Still laughing at katydidnot's huck in little stars gymnastics -- you know, we went on 2 family reunion-y trips and my older one's been in 2 camps, and I just flat out said whoa, stop, we are doing NOTHING for the rest of the summer. I am so grateful for the boatloads of time I got as a kid to just hang and create my own good times. I hope to do that for my kids (even if going to camp to learn spanish was my DD's most fervent dream).