Tuesday, July 15, 2008

cry your pardon

Mama Milton looked up from her laptop; the house had turned in for the night, save the air conditioner, running its marathon paces.

Her days are full of keeping the house clean for the future owners, the ones she's trying to court with diamond-shaped TP, while she squeezes in as much summer as she can manage, palavering at the pool and parks spread throughout Mid-World.

Did she say Mid-World?

Aye. She did.

Beg your pardon, sai. It's just she is peddling through Stephen King's Dark Tower series, listening to it on CD, while she has painted and cleaned and worked.

She's downright smitten with Wizard & Glass, the fourth in the his magnum opus and she can't help thinking his words have seeped in, the phrases, the fictional villages and towns.
She reckons she will move on, find her own voice again, just as the world has moved on. (How many times is that phrase been uttered in the thousands of pages she has inhaled these past few months?)

But for now, she has remembered the face of her father and will continue to hold up her in of the bargain, keeping up on her chores while Mr. King keeps her mind occupied.

Nothing like a good book, or seven, to ease boredom.

Thankee, sai.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

What a satisfying post. Yes.

Lisa Milton said...

Thanks, Cheri. I put off this series for years and it really has been a treat.

Of course, there are times I am ducking for the stereo when the kids wake up in the morning - it is Stephen King after all - turning it off before the kids hear too much.

But it really did keep me going...

Jennifer H said...

I haven't read much Stephen King (I'm a wuss), but I do know the satisfaction of a story. I'm glad you've had those to keep you going.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

I love this feeling of being so involved in a book it seems real, and I'm not sure many do it better than King. Yes, the English teacher really said that.

His book "On Writing" is extraordinary.

Glad you've got that to make the interminable 'staging' more palatable. :)

Oliver Rain said...

I really enjoyed those books too. I find myself immersed in books, to the point that I occasionally ignore my family. Oops.

holly said...

i am so immersed in the amber spyglass at the minute that i hate that my day must progress into something non-book-related.

i'll have to try out that series some day. not a big stephen king reader; cujo gave me nightmares as a teen, and i haven't touched him since, except his 'on writing' which i agree is amazing.

Kimberly said...

What a lovely way to keep yourself going!