Monday, July 28, 2008

staging, the downfall

Mild summer cold. Check.
Letting young artists have free reign of the dining room table. Check.

Hubby caught up in a novel, needing downtime. Check.

VBX finale/BBQ/horse rides/kids never want to leave. Evah. Check.

Beds stripped, sheets in dryer. Check.

Best idea all day: Let's go see The Dark Knight.

So, we did. And after 2 hours and 45 minutes of homicidal clowns and knights of various colors, I check my cell phone and listen to the message three times because I can't seem to register that just minutes before the movie ended, someone opened up our front door and is taking a look-see tour, while our home is a little south of perfect.

I hate screwing up.


Opening secret compartment of my purse to use special towelettes to wash my glasses while Greg starts the car, moments before we jet, the better to see Joker with.

You'll never guess what else I keep in there, removed in a hurry and left next to the microwave in my stupor.

Yes. That.

Makes me so proud to be a woman. Ack.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Such small moments in time make for such grand blog posts to last all eternity.


Stu said...

Uh Oh.

The movie was great though, right?


flutter said...

ahhhh womanhood and her glory

missburrows said...

Oh! You meant a tampon! I thought you meant a vibrator!!! LOL!

brandy101 said...

mm, tampons on the counter...I dont think that is in the home stager handbook!

Denise said...

hahaha missburrows!!!!!!

How was the movie???? I want to go see it so bad!

lapoflux said...

AAACK! There should be NOTICE on house showings!
I got 2 hours notice on ours yesterday so the vacuuming was done, but the rest - never mind.
Fingers crossed that they loved it and buy it so you can start moving!
And a summer cold - yuck!

Lisa Milton said...

Ok, so CLEARLY it could have been worse.


Lisa Milton said...

We did love the movie and risked scarring our kids for life for bringing them along.

The only apparent damage so far: They do the creepy Joker licking his lips thing.

And they asked if the Joker would be back in a sequel. Explaining Ledger's demise was harder.

So, yes, good summer flick although Christian Bales' Batman voice is kinda strange and Greg insists on using it now.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Please do not let Greg use the Batman voice around me. Things could go very embarrassingly.

So sorry about the "left behind" item...Maybe they didn't notice, because of the shiny fabulousness of the kitchen?

Jennifer H said...

I won't even say what I was thinking. Something else in a small package, though. :-)

Some people just simmer cinnamon on the stove. I like your way. Very, very homey.

holly said...


why would you leave your tampon near the microwave? is that some new technique for ...um... getting them to be fresher? that i am not aware of?

Janet said...

Ahhhh...The Joker...couldn't take my eyes off him!