Thursday, April 24, 2008

*jazz hands*

Once upon a time, in the not so distant past, Mama Milton liked Jazzercise. Strike that: She loved Jazzercise. She had loved it since its inception, when Judi Sheppard Missett pranced around in bare feet to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.She took classes in high school. She took classes in college. She dragged invited friends and begged boyfriends to come to class. And they did, and tolerated her obsession.A couple of years back, while wearing sensible workout attire - this isn't a hoedown, Ms. Jessie - she injured her knee and had to quit. For a while. Then she was diagnosed with sjogren's syndrome and her doctor lowered the boom: No more dance, no more Jazzercise.

And she grew, well, fluffy.

At least she had a tiara. Thanks, Stephanie.

She's been walking a lot lately, doing yoga and weaning off Prednisone and frankly, she hasn't seeing much change in her fluffihood.

She started missing Jazzercise. Terribly. So she got the nod from her doctor, and found a new studio, minutes away.

She came home from vacation, and started the very next Monday, nervous and intimidated.

Get a real shirt, Ms. Perky.
But for every inappropriately dressed bimbo show-off,

there's a token fella in the group, lost and confused.

She made a go of it.

Death by leg lift. Ok, she doesn't LOVE this part.

She may be fluffy, but she still has it. She smiled when the instructor asked her if she had ever considered becoming an instructor, after the first class. She has. She feels right at home.

We at Mama Milton operate on a small wardrobe budget, what with high gas prices and all.

Now Greg can't get a moment's peace; all he wants to do after a long day's work is eat a quick snack and watch a little Science channel. Now it's all kick ball change this, and chasse that, blah, blah, blah.

As goofy as it sounds, she loves it. She's sweaty and sore and blissed out.

And maybe a little sick in the head...


stephanie said...

You know how I'm going to make the "Huh?" sound about exercise, but I'm really glad you're feeling it.

What I want to know is - do you really have a hot firefighter dude in your class??

Not that I would change my mind or anything...

Lori said...

Oh my goodness! You are one silly sister! Yes, I do remember you doing Jazzercise FOREVER...glad you are enjoying it! :)

Minnesota Matron said...

I am blissed out for you, my dear! Nothing like the exercise of your choice for some good old endorphins AND being the star student!!

Kimberly said...

That's awesome! I'm so excited for you!

Jennifer H said...

Yay for you that you love it so much! I am ridiculously without coordination, so I admire anyone who can keep up in this closes.

Jennifer H said...

bleh...*those classes.

I'm tired.

stu said...

Your token man looks like he already has buns of steel...


Cheri said...

Oh, Lord! I'm going to have to have to have my screen cleaned again because tea came shooting out of my nose at it. So FUNNY!!!

Death by leg lifts indeed!

mushroomvillagers said...

Yeah, this one made me laugh- thank you! As always, mama milton, you are one good read. I love the photos today!

(I'm so jealous you LOVE to exercise!)

JCK said...

Oh, that is wonderful news, Lisa! It must feel SO good. I am going to start Yoga next week. There, I've said it. It's been recorded somewhere. I want to be in tune with my body again.

And...I think this photo series should be a regular segment. Too funny and adorable. Especially with the added Barbie's. Your instructor is hot!

katydidnot said...

if it's possible, i like you even more now. i mean, come on, who else would a) admit to the world that she LOVES jazzercise and b) admit to being the fluffy bear ogling the power ranger's ass and c) make it look fun enough for me to consider trying jazzercise? uh, wait, kick ball what? kick ball? there's a ball involved?

Shai said...

This was about the funniest thing I have seen in a while!!! LOL I loved it!

You can do it...Jazzercise can help!

Lu-lu said...

That was funny, but I'm still mad at you for posting me naked. "Thanks mother."

Again with the tongue