Monday, July 21, 2008

everybody was kung fu fighting; lessons from The Fat Panda

We had our first open house yesterday. Our home sparkled and shined; I think I could hear it calling out to its new family while we vanished for the afternoon, first to church, then to The Grotto for fortification and a St. Joseph statue.

Lexi browsed the gift shop, milling through saints just in case they were out of The Worker. We were both fond of the Joan of Arc, although she was rather bloody in her gown and helmet.

"Becoming a saint is hard work," I whispered, trying not to stand out in the crowd, my Protestant roots showing.

And though I didn't know it at the time, I guess I should have been glad that anything was showing because I don't think we had one guest yesterday.

No dice.

Over the past few weeks, the question comes up: What will you do when school starts, if you are still on the market here?

(Read: What the hell are you going to do if you can't sell your house in this economy? Dumb Ass is implied.)

And how should I know?

I've been strangely calm thinking this through, what another September at our old school would look like or feel like, and besides feeling a little sheepish - um, we're still here - the thought of carrying two mortgages brings on waves of panic.

I just know we will be where we are supposed to be, today or tomorrow or the fall, and I put those thoughts to rest. I'm doing all I can - hoping, praying, striving - and trying to enjoy my summer without a harvest ulcer.

Have you met Po, the kung fu master?

He was destined to be a Noodle Master, but he dreamed big dreams. And ate too much. And had doubts. And was rather lazy. And fluffy.

But he became a hero.

(I am blaming my zen mood on Master Po. Greg and I took the kids to see Kung Fu Panda during our Open, Yet Lonely House and it was a scream: Great animation, great themes, and Jack Black bleeds through this wayward hero. I am so happy to give it the thumbs up.)


Kimberly said...

Que sera, sera?

I've never been able to pull that attitude off. I'm always too impatient to know how the story will end, you know?

stephanie (bad mom) said...

We will be happy to have you still here of course...Not that I refuse to pray for things to move along for you, you know.

And oh Jack Black...Really excited about taking the kids to see that. Want to go again?

lapoflux said...

It's one thing to make the plans, another to try and get the rest of the world to go along with them.
If everything happens for a reason then the right family wasn't able to go to your open house. That's all.
(and no, I wouldn't feel that Zen if it were me. I'm panicking because we haven't rented this place out yet)
Maybe we all need to eat a little too much and be fluffy ;-)

Denise said...

We luved Kuuunng Fuuuuuuuuu!! :o) And Jack Black.

Everything will go just as it is supposed to!

holly said...

i totally totally love kung fu panda not only for its entertainment (and i lOVE me some jack black) but also for its message. love love love it everyone should watch this show. no, only people who will appreciate it. no, everyone.

Mrs. G. said...

My son loved this movie so much, he paid to see it three times with his own money.

Oliver Rain said...

We loved Kung Fu Panda around here too. Your attitude is great. There is a plan and it will all work out.

The Girl Next Door said...

Do have faith. We moved 10 years ago in the WORST economy but the Best house was available - right next door to the grandparents. So we put our house up, after much praying, and it was the 6th house for sale on our street. We figured we could survive 3 months paying 2 mortgages. But God provided and our house sold in 20 days. When My faith waivers (oh and it does) I remember that time in my life when He answered us so many times over! I am normally not the evangalist type, but I feel you with the house thing.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

With that Attitude of Zen? Anything is possible.

Saucy said...

So glad you gave it the double-thumbs, now we will for sure get to it this weekend, hopefully. Loopy and I ADORE Jack Black.

Sam said...

I loved Kung Fu Panda!

Good luck on the house thing. I really admire your attitude about it.