Tuesday, July 29, 2008

because I must ask

Years ago, I had a lovely roommate that loved to plan parties; she was a runner with green eyes I envied. There are plenty of reasons everyone adored her and I couldn't argue with a one of them, but boy was she indecisive in the mornings.

She'd come in my room each morning, with hangers in hand, needing wardrobe assistance. The fact that she looked divine in just about anything didn't matter; she wanted my opinion, standing in front of me while I did the pantyhose dance before I dashed off to work.

Well, I guess I've hit a snag and need to bug you, dear reader, for your assistance. So I stand figuratively before you with the following question: What would you wear with a strapless dress? And yes, we are speaking bras here, and my utter lack of boundaries suggesting therapy may be in order.

Backstory: I found a Magical Dress for my upcoming trip to Bermuda. I proposed to it just last night, after I put it on (again). I don't usually carry on with clothing, so this says something.

But I tried it on in a fitting room on my way to Jazzercise, with a sports bra. Score one for effective use of time; Subtract two because I didn't understand the ramifications of a strapless dress since I haven't worn one since my first affair, with my wedding dress.

A.) I could go bra-less, oh yes I could. It is lined and has boning and I look rather trim, though flat(ter) chested this way ala Little House on the Prairie Sylvia, binding herself with what looks like an Ace bandage.


B.) I could finagle a bra under the dress, taking what nature gave me and giving it serious oomph, ala The Other Boleyn Girl Natalie Portman. This option features more cleavage and less oxygen.

Please ponder and vote -----> in the sidebar if you are so inclined.

My dress and I thank you.


Kimberly said...

Breathing is good.

flutter said...

strapless bra, strappy sandals and a smile :)

JCK said...

I could go wishy-washy and say either works, but sometimes it is fun to buy a good bra that enables you to feel different and sexy. Now, personally, I think you are different and sexy, but this...remember is to make you feel good. You must be so excited!

Jess said...

Definitely a strapless bra. You will thank me later! You will feel sexy and maybe even check yourself out on the way out in all the mirrors and windows possible! Trust the 22 year old on this one!

Mrs. G. said...

If you can find a good strapless, that's how I would go. Once in desperation. I used duct tape to hold them up. It worked.

Lisa Milton said...

I wrote this & worried no one would respond to my silly concern, and look at the help already.

If you knew how hapless I am in this department - really & truly - you would know how thankful I am for some advice.

Thanks. And duct tape? Hmmmm.

Jennifer H said...

I voted for the bra. But I saw your husband vote for it, like, 7 times. Plus, he was all, "Vote it up!" and gave me $20 to help him out.

And, yeah, we're going to need some pictures.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I voted for no bra, if bra means no breathing. Breathing is good.

I taped mine up once when I had to wear a backless bridesmaid dress. "They" make slingish/holder-y/pad-type deals that you tape on.


Jessalee said...

I vote for the bra that will yield the most cleavage. You have a hot little dress. You'll be on vacation with your hubby. Why not get the added oomph and feel that extra step of sexy? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi I hate strapless bras they always end up around my waist. try the Nu-bra it is adhesive gel and it works. this itip is from Katydidnot,s sis, vin.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Bustier all the way, sister. Let's go to VS together (I have coupons!) and I will help you with the mysteries. I won't make you let me into the dressing room, no worries.

So exciting! :D

katydidnot said...

more cleavage is never bad. breathing? totally overrated.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

I voted no bra but then read the comment left by 22 year old Jess and am now doubting myself.

Lisa Milton said...

I feel so loved. I've had 2 offers for a private bra shopping party.

Now I get why people ask for help.


Thankfully, I have not one, but two excellent strapless bras so thank you.


lapoflux said...

I saw these thigns the other day that supposedly make you look like you have a bra on, but really are just cup things you stick to yourself.
Not that I am voting for those - I seem to remember my cousin using them once and not getting the adhesive off for weeks.

How about - take the bra. See how you feel the day you're putting the dress on - vacations have a way of making things like bras seem really unimportant (if they're good vacations!)

Amanda said...

Sans stuff.

The contraptions always detract from the fun.

Will you post a pic of you in it?

The Girl Next Door said...

I'm a bra-believer, both before cleavage surgery and after. You've got the perfect dress, go all the way baby! And have FUN!

Stu said...

Hoist the girls and show em' off. I will always vote pro-cleavage.


brandy101 said...

what about one of those silicone backless bras - like *invisi-bra* and I think a number of other brands, some of what proclaim *as seen on tv!*

Other option as previously noted is *flash tape*

I guess it really depends on your cup size...

Stacy (mama-om) said...

I am usually all "no bra!" but I am so depressed about the descension of my boobies after breastfeeding for (basically) five years that I have to say "depends on breasts, dear Lisa."


But don't give up comfort completely.