Friday, July 25, 2008

not at all like clint eastwood

You know those award shows, when the recipient of the pretty bauble can't be bothered to actually show up to receive it. Because they are above that or below that, or some such nonsense.

Well, I am feeling a bit like that with none of the bravado, and all the chagrin because I forgot to thank Stephanie for my award last week:Even after she brought me back BlogHer swag. (I'm unworthy.)

Look what was inside:

Because there are days when this could become my motto. Tattooed on my forearm.

I started blogging because it gave me a place to write, to monkey around with words. I keep blogging because I found a community of women that stun me with their astute observations, their witty words and their brutal honesty.

And as dopey as that might sound, it makes me feel just a little less lonely in the world and often these women make my day:

Bad Mom (Yes, she has the award already and is one of my closest friends IRL, but whatever. More goodies for her.)


Frog and Toad are Still Friends


Thursday Drive

Temporary ? Insanity


Bloggedy Blog Blog


Mrs. G


My math is all wrong, and I haven't even named half the blogs I adore, proving I can't do a meme or award right to save my life.

But this is a start. If you've got a moment, go check them out. They are amazing...


Kimberly said...

Muchly deserved! Both the award and the cocktail!

And I'm getting all sniffly. Thank you so much!

Denise said...

I love those "mommy needs a cocktail" things. I need a shirt! Might have to go visit her blog today and get me one! Congrats on the award!

flutter said...

YOU are amazing

Beck said...

Oh, THANK you! I'm in some great company there - and lucky you, with your BlogHer swag.

Erika said...

Serioulsy, I HAVE That tattoo, you just havent seen it :) :) :)

Honestly, you honor me my friend!


Professor J said...

I LOVE "mommy needs a cocktail." I've not seen all of those blogs, but I'll be looking!

stephanie (bad mom) said...

You really are better than Clint. You make my day. [But you're not a punk]

BTW - I'm wearing my Mommy Needs A Cocktail t-shirt today; because really I always do, at any given moment.

Even though it's hard to keep up, I love the people you keep finding.

Thanks for your friendship, and for passing back the award, and for your great writing. And for making me a drink with that shaker I brought back...;)

Manager Mom said...

Oh...some of my favorites in your bloggy love!

JCK said...

They ARE amazing. And so are you. You hang with good company. Stephanie is wonderful. She likes to act all bad ass mom, but she isn't.

And those blogs you listed? Top of the line!

stephanie (bad mom) said...

HEY, JCK! Outing me like that; geez...

I totally walked through a hotel lobby in my pajamas! For popcorn!


Sorry to hijack your comments, friend.

-signed, the Bad Ass Mom

holly said...

nice *stuff*!!!

yeah, i started blogging for the outlet, and now i *keep* blogging for the treats. i like *stuff*.

right, i'm away to get myself a cocktail now.

susiej said...

I'm in town for my weekly e-mail check... and found this!!! You definitely deserve this award!! Thanks for the kind words -- nice to be in such great company.