Sunday, May 11, 2008

to my mom

ammy, papa and the sprouts

There's a lot I could say about my Mom; she is amazing. But this year has been tough on her. It's been long and trying.

(She's been caring for my Grandmother, which is a year's worth of posts in itself.)

She remains the glue of the family, the one the kids clamor to visit.

I just hope she knows how much we love her.


Cheri said...

Happy Mother's Day to you and your mom.


Kimberly said...

You're such a sweetheart. Happy Mother's Day, Lisa.

flutter said...

I don't think there is a doubt.

susiej said...

Happy Mother's Day to both of you.

Jennifer H said...

I'll just bet she does.

Happy Mother's Day to both of you!

JCK said...

I think she does.