Friday, May 09, 2008

and it was good

Zack woke up, singing an impromptu ditty about 'muffins with Mom, muffins with Mom', in preparation for a special breakfast hosted by his class to honor, you guessed it, Moms.

He sang. He harassed his sister, on her case to get ready already.

He insisted that I stop by Peet's coffee for a Black Sheep Bakery Vegan muffin, so I wouldn't be left out.

And we sat on foot high chairs; Zack held a stack of books to read to me, I ate my special pastry. He pointed out students I had worked with, just the day before, because at 7, it is simply a treat, bringing a parent to school.

Later some women at Jazzercise, a little further down the path, were lamenting that their grown children forget to call. Don't really keep in touch anymore. Especially their sons.

I know it happens.

But today, I was a queen. Heralded. Admired.

I'm tucking this day in my pocket, and savoring it. To be so lucky.

(And coming up in June...Donuts with Dad. First grade is a hoot.)


Jennifer H said...

We have both of those days are my kids' school, and it's so sweet.

What a sweet memory.

Happy Mother's Day!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

I always feel like the dads get shafted because school ends like right before Father's Day. At least, here it does.

Happy Mother's Day!!

K. said...

What a perfect day, I love it. We homeschool so I occasionally find myself a little jealous of things like this. Then I make them help me with the laundry and it all seems fair again. :P

Mrs. G. said...

I miss those days when I was queen of the world.

Mrs. G. said...

And the most beautiful queen of the world.

Beck said...

I think if you raise 'em right, they'll stay your kids and in touch.

flutter said...

This is so sweet! happy mom's day, love

Kimberly said...

Oh how lovely!

JCK said...

Happy days with your boy. So lovely these moments. Thanks for sharing them.