Wednesday, May 07, 2008

left to my own devices

I'm feeling a little weary; I'm feeling a little irked. It's too bad too, because after painting with some students in Zack's class, and enjoying an afternoon with my nephew, I should be bounding off rainbows.

Yet, still. Grumpy.

I just got to thinking this afternoon: When did I become so complacent, so reliant on Big Media in place of my own Big Ideas? When did we as a whole?

My local newscasters can't tell a heartwarming story without saying something stupid like, 'boy, that's really paying it forward', just in case I was confused.

The democrats can't seem to get a candidate in place, even when most experts agree that the only way Clinton can win is if the superdelegates supersede what appears to be the people's choice.

And Kathy Lee Gifford self-righteously pokes fun at 'mommy blogs' on national TV - not that she had actually taken any time to read one - because she is uncomfortable with women, common women anyway, writing about motherhood in a public forum.

I wondered this afternoon, my house full of kids, how exactly do I teach them to be free thinkers, when it seems like those in power have a lot invested in keeping us pretty useless. Compliant. (Yes, I know this is nothing new.)

I don't know.

(I suddenly have the urge to say: "And then my head exploded. The End." Sorry, Kate.)

But I'm riled up; I imagine that's a start.

I'm not alone. Check out: Vintage Thirty & Beanpaste on KLG. Mrs. G on Superdelegates. I loved reading all the comments too.


Mrs. G. said...

And, just to lighten your load, can I mention it cost $52 to fill up my car with gas today!!!!

JCK said...

Kathy Lee Gifford. OH, PLEAASSE...don't get me started. I like your ideas. They're not complacent. Keep them coming and they will DEFINITELY inspire your children to be free thinkers.

stu said...

I'd rather hang out with 99% of the blogging ladies that I have read rather than Kathy Lee Gifford.

The rest of it is why I listen to NPR.


Jennifer H said...

Kathie Lee needs to go back into retirement. As if anyone would notice her absence.

I feel your frustration.

Kimberly said...

Being riled is definitely a start. It's hard to maintain that sense of indignation and life your daily life at the same time. I imagine it would be exhausting. I think that's part of why we're so leary of trying a life driven by caring about things.

flutter said...

if I told you to "no be gwumpy no mowe!"

would you kick my ass?

Melanie said...

Don't forget, Lisa: you have the upper hand on Kathie Lee. She is afraid of you, you and your ability to TURN ON A COMPUTER AND TYPE STUFF, STUFF ABOUT YOUR KIDS.


Melanie said...

Also, I want Kathie Lee to interview Stu next.

And why doesn't Stu have a blog?

katydidnot said...

i might kick flutter's ass if she told you not to be gwumpy no mowe. hehe.

you're totally awesome. so are your kids, and your nephew. okay, and stu.

Amanda said...

Too dismally true, that said, I knew from the start you were something special

stephanie said...

Wanna know what's making me grouchy? MY HUSBAND GETS MORE LOVE & ATTENTION ON BLOGS THAN ME & YOU! There we go. All done now.

lapoflux said...

Is Cathy Lee Gifford still around? Gosh, isn't she prehistoric by now? I didn't realize she was intelligent enough to survive.
And? I am so often tempted to write "and then my head exploded. The end" a la Kate. Because it really sums it up, no?
Hope the grumps are gone soon!