Tuesday, May 27, 2008

to do

  1. Admit to self: Your bulletproof, water-resistant 'I don't need to write this down' memory is beginning to unravel.
  2. Grab some paper and a pen. Let's say a sharpie.
  3. Take up list making. All the cool kids are doing it.
  4. When in doubt, go back to #1. You doofus.
  5. Cast blame. Meds and neurosis should top the list as likely culprits. (Look! I'm getting the hang of it. We'll call it List 2.0: The Offenders.)
  6. Add a reward to the Master list. It's hard to take on new habits.


lapoflux said...

I need a #7

7. Attach the list to your person so you will remember where it is.

And the reward - oh yeah!

Lisa Milton said...

Exactly. I used to make lists, then lose them or forget to cross stuff off, so really: What's the point?


We have a lot to do to get the house ready for the market (sounds like it's going to be slaughtered, I digress) so I find myself thinking the same thoughts so I don't forget.

I hope this frees up whatever useful part of my brain I have left.

Time will tell.

8. Turn off the computer, and get cracking. GEEZ. lazy...

Minnesota Matron said...

I live by the list! Gave in years ago (having some years on you :-).

Tootsie Farklepants said...

I'm right there with you. Our lives revolve around the notes scribbled on the calender in the kitchen. Without it we'd never be anywhere we're supposed to be...on time.

flutter said...

don't forget to...oh hell, what was I going to say?

Jennifer H said...

I'm thinking if I pinned lists to my shirt like lunch money, along with a piece of candy or something, I might remember to make and use lists.

Ooh, candy! (What were we talking about?)

The Girl Next Door said...

I am at the point where I have lists of my lists...and then I get into the grocery store and the list that was IN MY HAND when I left the house has suddenly...disappeared. Sigh...

stephanie (bad mom) said...

My list making is legendary at school; I am Post-It note Queen. In fact I think I am being made fun of at this very moment.

If you need support, please call (put that on your list).


Cheri said...

Must. Have. Lists.

Daisy said...

"Pass off invention as my own."

"Crush the dreams of a poor, little orphan boy!"

Ohhhh I love checklists!

PS: I really DO love checklists!

katydidnot said...

yeah, you are silly.

Beck said...

Lists are what I have where my memory used to be.

Suzanne said...

Lists are da bomb! (and the only way I remember to pay the power bill and pick up my offspring from school.) Welcome to the dark side!

Claire B. said...

It is truly scary how little of my previously sharp memory is left.

Just today I found a list I had written (and lost) months ago. And it turns out all of those things eventually got done--without the list! It was a big moment.