Monday, May 05, 2008

excuse me while I drink (water)

Note to self: When you are due for your bi-monthly blood draw AND you've been sick, think about rescheduling.

When three medical professionals comment on looking dehydrated, take heed. Maybe it's not the day to draw blood

And when the first, oh, 10 attempts are fruitless and the kind lady asks if she jab around the other arm, stop while you're ahead. You can come back.

Because when you smugly say, "Sure, no problem" the next thing you know you're wheeling around on a gurney, dehydrated and woozy and pretty certain you've mooned the entire lab on your 'graceful' descent down.

(Dang pants. Dang keister.)

Two assistants, more pokes and a billion promises to take it easy later, I was on my feet and out the door.

(So much for a margarita tonight. Make mine a virgin...)


Jennifer H said...

Oh you poor thing. You give good advice (and I imagine next time it will come in handy). :-)

No photos of the moon? Geez.

brandy101 said...


Take care!!

stephanie said...

Yikes! I thought you learned from my special brand of crazy...

Please get better. I will want you to come with to meet Cami & Miss Burrows. (And I just want you to feel good, of course).

K. said...

Rest and take care of yourself, woman! (Although I'm kinda with jennifer h - as a good blogger you should have totally filmed the whole thing for our enjoyment...) ;P

tz said...

yikes...I actually did my first blood draw this semester, it was a lady who was dehydrated and had some blood loss (a new mom), when I didn't hit the vein the nurse I was following said...'ok, dig around for it" (because it's better then repoking) I cringed, the new mom cringed...never got the blood...poor lady, poor you...so sorry.

hope you feel better soon!

Lisa Milton said...

It really was an abnormal day. Sjogren's syndrome can dry out everything from the eyes to the kidneys so it was bound to happen, I am told.

(I see the doctor all the time and usually it's a breeze.)

I was just surprised because I had been guzzling water and hot tea all weekend. And feeling like a dope. A mooning dope.

lapoflux said...

Oh hon! Not a good day!
Hope you feel better soon!!!!!

Kimberly said...

Oh hun! Owie! Be gentle to yourself, okay?

stu said...

Yes, do not follow in Stephanie's 'let's pass out' footsteps.

Hope you feel better soon.


Beck said...

Good GRIEF, Lisa! That's a rough day. I hope it's better now.

katydidnot said...

that is somewhat worse than a bad hair day. i'm sorry. i hope that at least your hair looked awesome (as usual).

Cheri said...

Your poor little arm!