Sunday, May 04, 2008

from beneath my rock

I resurfaced yesterday to join Lexi's Girl Scout troop to Build-A-Bear and the mall. I was the one in the back, with the crusty nose.

(Oh, how I love to nuzzle a kleenex box.)

To know me is to know that: I am not fond of the mall, and I really don't have any burning desire to build a bear or a monkey and dress it in spiffy, spendy costumes.

However, like many motherly things, this wasn't for my benefit. I sucked down some cold meds and felt just better enough to change into real clothes and tagged along.

I was impressed; 18 girls, 4 adults, no snags.

Lexi created a husky dog. The girls took pledges to spend more of their parents' money to become bestest friends with their critter, and Lexi was smitten. (I'm thinking Build-A-Cult?)

I do a lot with and for my kids. But this was one of the times Lexi turned to me, several times throughout the day, and thanked me for coming. It was the last words on her lips, before she crashed out last night.

You never know when the moments will come. I'm glad I made it too.


Jennifer H said...

Build-a-Cult. Love that.

I'm not a fan of the mall, either. It takes a very big need, or a party invitation like that, to get me there.

Your girl is sweet. Like you said, you never know what will really work its way into their hearts.

flutter said...

LOL build a cult...

Mrs. G. said...

What about "build a man"-we could make millions!

Professor J said...

Yes, build a cult is a great line. And while under the influence of a cold and cold medicine! I am impressed.

Shai said...

I thought I was the only nut out there that didn't like the mall! Whew!

Build a cult....hilarious, and spot on too! What's funny is, being the thrift store girl I am, a lot of MY clothes don't cost as much as those stuffed animal's outfits do!!!

Feel better...

Melanie said...

You're a pal, Mom.

(Also, on the few occasions we've been to the mall together, I've tried to shield Ellie's eyes from the whole Build-A-Bear situation. OY.)

JCK said...

You are SUCH a good mom. And extra KUDOS for venturing mallside. I, myself, would require valium. But, then, I would drool for valium just to deal with a mall parking lot.

Your Lexi is a sweetie! Like her mama.

Sorry you've married Mr. Kleenex. Hope you divorce him soon.

brandy101 said...

You think that is bad? my daughter's brownie troop did build -a-bear lastyear. THIS year they are going to a local indoor waterpark - and one parent (that will be me) has to go accompany each kid - IN SWIMWEAR IN FRONT OF OTHER PARENTS!!!!!


I just ordered a new swimsuit with one of those skirted bottoms...I hope it covers the jiggly junk in my trunk!

I sure hope you feel better soon.

missburrows said...

When I was a girl scout, we went in to the forest to find and tame our own bears, none of this build one, crap.

No wonder the girls these days are so fluffy.

Kimberly said...

Emma's been frequently spouting gratitude for the last hour because I made her a smoothie for breakfast.

I? Apparently rock.

Hope you feel better...you've certainly got your funny back. =)

Cara said...

I think you a right when you said Build-a-Cult. My sisters kids love that place.
I do hope that you feel better soon.

stu said...

Good going Lisa.


Minnesota Matron said...

Glad you're feeling better! But to have to go to the mall when you do!