Tuesday, May 06, 2008

lobbing a little meatball your way

We cannot tell a lie. We love this commercial. We love baby meatie.

(The kid's expressions get me every time...)


Lisa Milton said...

Ok, so it's not a true Meatball; it's an actor. And that's Tiffany playing the mom.

Still like it.

Lisa Milton said...

Also, I just realized that blogger posted this in its various forms, 5 times.



Jennifer H said...

I thought you were up to all sorts of posting when I saw that you had 5 new posts!

This was funny stuff. That kid is awesome.

Kelly said...

It was great casting, because he looks eerily similar to Meatloaf.

Cheri said...

Very silly. Right. Up. My. Alley.

Professor J said...

I love this commercial, too. And the baby meaty is superb--his, "I'll love you till the end of time" is perfect.

lapoflux said...

Wow, great casting on Meatloaf!