Friday, May 30, 2008

the boys

oh to be five
Austin, 5
feisty boy
Caden, 2

I watched my nephews while my sister went and got all pretty, with a cut and color.

They are rascals, and sweet and quick, quick, quick.

(Their Aunt Sissy thinks they're real cool cats.)


JCK said...

Very cute nephews! I think Caden looks like you.

flutter said...

oof, total adorableness

Lisa Milton said...

Caden does look more like my sister, and well, then more like me too.

(Zack and Caden look a lot alike too.)

katydidnot said...

no effin' way that human beings can be that cute.

Mrs. G. said...

They look like they could double team you. Nice smiles.

Jennifer H said...

They are so cute! I'd say you had your hands full.

Lori said...

Yeah - what a nice surprise to see on Aunt Sissy's blog! Yes, they are busy, a bit of a hand full, but pretty darn sweet most the time. Thanks again for watching them - they had a ton of fun (and for all the books you brought too!). What will we do once you move??? :(

Cheri said...

A pair of aces.