Friday, December 07, 2007


runs in the blood
While I yammered on about my hair, my girl was busy writing a short story. For fun. Will you forgive me if I brag? Because I have to say it: she has a way with words.

She read her tale aloud, and I could hear Spinelli's Stargirl bleeding through, time spent imitating someone she admires.

Zack joined her and asked me how to spell 'ordinary', because his characters, Jackie and Rick (I can't remember who was powerful and who was smart now), were 'not ordinary at all'.

And believe me, I know the feeling.
being jolly is hard

Zack, exhausted by his Santa duties: "Well Mom, not near as many people chased me at recess today to tell me what they wanted for Christmas, but I was kinda disappointed because I like it when I wear my hat and they chase me, except Kylee still chases me because she wants a black laptop. I told her she needed to wait until she is 13."

Don't believe the rumors: boys can be chatty too.


Kimberly said...

What bright kids...and darlings too!

Irene said...

How wonderful it must feel to have two blooming writes. Brag away!

(BTW- Lexi is gorgeous!)

Stu said...

Great pictures Lisa. Does your boy have his sleigh all gassed and ready for Christmas eve?

flutter said...

chatty like crazy chatty

Mrs. G. said...

What sweet photos. It must be tough to be chased by all the girls. Will you let him know that some girls don't get laptops until their forty...it's true.

Professor J said...

Wow. Short stories. For fun. I love your kids.

JCK said...

Zack is hilarious!It is amazing how chatty little boys can be, too. Too funny about everyone chasing him around.

And a budding writer in your girl. How lovely and special that you can both share that skill.