Sunday, December 23, 2007

red, the better to celebrate

Would it be considered sinful sinning if a certain couple bloggers took up someone's secret boyfriend? I think it would fall under 'coveting', though I am not an expert.

(I came bearing meds and hoping for the best and Sweeney Todd delivered the heebie-jeebies and laughs. Genius, if you can cope with buckets of blood.)

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Mrs. G. said...

You know it is the holiday season, so, in the spirit of all things holy, I grant you full fantasy rights to all the Secret Boyfriends.

On a sadder note, this may the the only JD movie I have to miss. I am not good with blood. I hope you threw a kiss for me.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Oh yes, so so so good...I'm glad you got drugged up to come out with us!

(And thank you for your graciousness, Mrs. G; we will take very good care of your boy!)