Tuesday, December 18, 2007

down to the nitty gritty

We are down to days, petunia, days before Christmas and I still have miles to go. I yanked the kids out of school Monday and Tuesday, so they could spend a few nights with my parents and my Grandma. Zack was horrified by my lack of respect for authority, my sheer disregard for the law, boy howdy. But this is part of bringing up Spock. I am forever teaching him to bend, just a little.

(Who came up with only one weekend off before Christmas? I'm protesting.)

Greg has been gone for part of each week since Thanksgiving and this week is no exception. I struggle striking a balance between seeing my extended family and making sure the kids are around when Greg steps in the door.

I juggle and sweat and do my best, but often, something has to give.

This time school took a hit.

Greg and I shopped for the kids Sunday and had dinner together, just the two of us. Greg picked I Am Legend Monday night, because zombies make spirits bright, don't cha know? I am taking the kids to see Santa tonight, and I might start breathing easier.

{Maybe. I still have a bajillion homeless Christmas cards in my possession, mocking me.}


Mrs. G. said...

You didn't say how I am Legend is. I know that I will be seeing it with Mr. G. this holiday season, so I would like to prepare in advance.

Lisa Milton said...

Well, I like sci-fi flicks, so I went into it hoping for the best - however - the ending felt rushed, like they were shoving 5 chapters of the book into 10 minutes.

I liked 28 Days Later & Children of Men better, though Will Smith is always charming.

(I think Greg had a great time. We usually see the action pics together, like 300. How was Margot?)

Beck said...

Didn't kids used to get more time off before Christmas? I seem to remember this endless, painfully languid school-less period from my own childhood. Now, it's a weekend and then boy presto, Christmas!

Melanie said...

Rest easy, sweet Lisa. I am GLUING our Christmas cards this very minute. You could go take a thirty-six hour nap right now and still be ahead of me.

K. said...

You know what I'd say to those Christmas cards. Especially if they're mocking you - I hate those kind especially.

I think taking the kids out early was a brilliant move. But then, I homeschool and my kids never quite seem to know what to tell their friends about our vacation beginning and end. It's all very depending on your perspective.

katydidnot said...

this is exactly why i don't do the christmas card. i am, instead, putting the finishing touches on kOBAP Vol. 1 No. 3 right now. bah...christmas cards.

Shelly Kneupper Tucker said...

When you get as old as I am, honey, you will pare that Christmas card list down to nothing (or all your friends will die off...lol...oops, that's not funny!).
I hate it when those Christmas cards mock me! Get some good egg nog or a glass of wine and just zip 'em right out.
I'm not a sci-fi fan, but will probably go see I Am Legend. FIRST, I want to see Sweeney Todd (ooooh! Johnny Depp!)
Have a great holiday!
This Eclectic Life

Stu said...

Hope it all goes well and we can see you Saturday for the taste testing for Jen and Dave's New Year's party.

I am now on point to select The Boy's gift.


CrankMama said...

Damn homeless Christmas cards! I knew I’d end up with them mocking me this year too, which is why we didn’t send any. I know, I’m such a slacker…

Kimberly said...

I like to think that Christmas cards should arrive sometime during the Christmas -season-...ie...before January 15th or so...you've got loads of time!

Anonymous said...

I'm craving a good flick.

I can't do anything fussy with Christmas cards. Simple and plain using publisher -- Staples does the copies.

And I want my kids home!!