Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas option #1: Santa Visit

We stepped into the mall and well, I expected it to suck. I've been accosted by old men at Micheals (what were they doing there anyway); my crowd aversion was in bloom.

But this mall was quiet, upstaged by the kickier, newer places.

When we got to Santa, Lexi crinkled her nose and expressed some concern over being seen with the ol' fella. I reminded her that we drove out of state, the coast was clear, so please, be a kid one more year.

She smiled and said she would give me another year. And how could I complain when she pointed out how bizarre it is to ask her to sit on some strange man's lap.

I really couldn't refute her argument.

He took his time, chatted with them for at least 10 minutes.

He was kind; Zack was ecstatic. We paid the fine people and bought tokens for the carousel.

I held on to my painted pony, and turned to look behind me. The kids were laughing, the wind blowing through their hair.
As the years tumble by, I want to keep this night and recall their faces, lit up and holy.


katydidnot said...

i'm with lexi, no way no how.

she's a good sport!

Mrs. G. said...

You know what I remember about mall Santas? Their smell...man musky. I think it was the funky old Santa suits.

Suzanne said...

Never thought of that before... all of the "don't talk to strangers" stuff goes out the window at Christmas. And hey kids, not only go talk to the stranger in the red suit, but sit on his lap and tell him all of your deepest heart-felt wishes.

Wow. Parents are creepy. Myself included.

les said...

well, when all was said and done, you got a great shot out of the whole thing. zach just couldn't get any cuter!!!

Cara said...

She was a good sport. Sound like you had a good time. Hope your Holiday is great!

stephanie (bad mom) said...

We haven't gone to see Santa in a few years - we used to wait in line for the free one at Hi-School Pharmacy. I kinda got into that "Why sit on a strange man's lap?" feeling, too, but your guy with the chatting! And the carousel! We should go again...