Monday, December 24, 2007

happy birthday

While we are all hustling and bustling, my Mom is quietly celebrating her birthday. It's a tough day to get the special treatment she deserves.

Ammy at the mother's day party

She is the heart and soul of the family; the kids adore her.

Caden and Ammy

We hope she has a peaceful, calm birthday. She deserves it more than ever.

in front of the Big House at Ft. Vancouver

{Happy birthday, Mom. Love you. I wrote almost the exact same thing last year.}


katydidnot said...

happy birthday to your mom!

Mrs. G. said...

Happy birthday to Mama Milton's Mama. She's cute!

Dad said...

I love Donna,My Love, with all my heart! We've been together since sixteen and married at eighteen! Nicest person I have ever met. I am very lucky! Happy Birthday! Love, Herb (Mama Milton's dad)

Lisa Milton said...
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Lisa Milton said...

Let me try again.

Looky! My Dad commented too.

I'm a lucky kid.

Suzanne said...

Ugg... that is a tough day for a birthday!

Happy Birthday, Lisa's mom!

Grandy said...

My mom's birthday is on the same day!! You are right, with all the hustle & bustle of the holiday they don't get the celebration they deserve. She's adorable...and how sweet of your dad too! You are a lucky girl!!