Friday, December 28, 2007

be still, bubster - we are missing a piece

The day after Christmas, I sat the kids down to explain the returns line and my desire - my profound yearning - to hear little to no whining while we wasted a perfectly good day purchased batteries for new toys.

Complaining (I'm looking at you, Zack) would lead to the shiny new beloved toys being locked away until I wanted to see them again.

A day that may never come.

We returned home, the civil unrest quelled. I understood the excitement - I am nearly manic myself this time of year, impatient for the new year to begin. But for now, for this week, I am mired down with this head of mine, the post-holiday clean up. I did my best laundress imitation and used the mounds of clothes as an excuse to watch The Namesake. My Big Plans would have to wait.

Soon, I was swept up from the debris, the thank you cards, waiting to be written. I was hanging out with Gogol, seeing the Taj Mahal.

I paused the movie, to take what was supposed to be a quick break to grab some tea, when my boy asked if he can start putting together his lego-y Pirates of the Carribbean ship. And I agreed, because I am stupid and think he is brilliant and doesn't need my help. Surely he could raise the mighty ship while I sequestered Christmas socks.

it did say 8+

What, with it's...235 pieces.

You see where this was leading, right?

Zack and I bonded and built a home for our beloved Jack Sparrow, until it was time for dinner.
jack sparrow (he came assemblied)

I was humbled by my utter lack of lego skillz.

(2008: the year of the novel and Mega Blok lessons?)


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Sam said...

I love The Namesake. I had never heard of it but my husband rented it and it turned out to be pretty good. Glad you had a good Christmas!

JCK said...

That is TOO funny, Lisa. I loved the book, The Namesake. I'll have to check out the movie. I always thought Gogol was such an odd name. And how to pronounce? And I also reserve laundry folding time (when clean laundry has been dumped basketful by basketful on the couch and noone can sit down anymore) for watching family movies. Nothing highbrow like The Namesake - more like "Cars" or "The Aristocats."

Ahhh...yes, the many, many little parts designed for little people who need BIG help.

And...I know you will be simply STUNNED beyond belief, but I actually did the meme you tagged me with all those 20 some days ago...

Mrs. G. said...

I watched that movie last week and I haven't quit thinking about it since. I ADORED the book, but the love story between the parents really came alive for me in tne film. I believe I used up half the box of tissues by the end of the movie.

Kimberly said...

Ouchies about the head...and the great construction project. I love doing stuff like that...without help/whining/complaining as the backdrop. We played lego with the girls the other day and I kept going half an hour after they'd wandered off. Was kind of embarrassing when Neil pointed out to me they were finished with it. Oi.

stephanie said...

I'm in with the Namesake love fest; I wanted to marry Kal Penn and visit the Taj Mahal and maybe even just become Indian somehow...I did not, however, think about pausing to build a pirate ship. You're a good mom :)

Professor J said...

I am going to have to read and watch The Namesake now. I need to work on my cultural literacy.

Daisy said...

What a great post! I, too, want to see the Namesake. I'll have to add it to Netflix.

I think it's AWESOME that you sat down and bonded with boy over legos. It's one of those things that's priceless -- laundry will always be there. Your son won't always be this age or solicit your companionship -- great job, mom!!! :-)

katydidnot said...

i'm seeing a theme in these post-christmas blogs. the moms need lego lessons.