Wednesday, September 26, 2007

turn, turn, turn

I've written three posts now, three bleak posts in the virtual trashcan.

It's hard to write tidy words. I'm messy in all sorts of ways.

One minute I am dancing around my dining room, washing windows to Elton John, and the next I am crying again. I shuttle one kid out the door, and miss him; I keep the other home sick, and wish I could go for a walk. Sometimes I walk in wonder, an hour alone, and study the leaves, talk to myself.

See? It sounds like I'm crazy, crumbling. I think it might be labor pain.

I'm beginning a new chapter in my life; I've been writing a first draft, trying out plots. I get the feeling I may need to do a little editing.

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1 comment:

lapoflux said...

EVOLVE is a nice word... you're evolving.

I loved your post about post-it notes - I need ones that actually shout at me though - got any of those? In this house if it doesn't make noise it doesn't get fed (explains the fat cat).

Hope you are getting to a plot you like and that Lexi is feeling better. Hope you are all feeling better actually and that Greg is home soon.