Saturday, September 29, 2007

tell me when it's over

I was just leaving my therapist's office when my Mom called. Are you surprised I am seeing someone? Well, don't be. I really should. But for now, I was leaning on the everlasting arms of a very wise soul in the form of a friend on my couch while drinking tea. We commiserated over our absent husbands, out earning the dough, while we shepherded seven kids. The rain provides a close bonding experience.

Anyhow, back to my Mom. She was worried about my Grandma; she just didn't sound right the night before and wasn't answering the phone. She decided to drive over to check on her before I came over with the kids and all their goods for the night. My Mom knew something was wrong when she saw Grandma Jean's face - it was misshapen, crooked. She seemed confused and disoriented, but insisted that she felt fine. But she didn't seem fine. She had ate breakfast at 1 am. She remembered to pick up a dog at the airport (she shows dogs) (that's another post altogether), but then went Christmas shopping. Please note my Grandma never Christmas shops until about December 20th, so this is odd. Odd, odd, odd equals a trip to the ER.

In short, she had a stroke. Again. She is in the hospital right now, and my poor mother is scrambling, trying to figure out what to do.

Whining about my plans being altered would certainly be in bad taste, so I will refrain. But I was bummed. It has been a tough week. (See also: I might start paying for someone to listen to me kvetch and moan.)

But I wasn't about to give up all hope. There wasn't anything I could do to help my family last night, but I still needed to feed my kids and I hadn't planned anything for dinner. So, I did what any crazed, desperate, needy mom would do - we met up with my ladies for dinner. Yes, my friends, I plopped my kids off at an adjacent table and bribed them with choco-tacos while I played grownup. They did not let me down. They were saints.

We came home and I lauded them with praise and smooched their little faces. Then my Solid Gold dancers shook their mighty booties to the High School Musical 2 soundtrack while I yelped and clapped from the couch.

I think my hypothetical therapist would approve.

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GodshallMama said...

lisa --

SOOOOO glad you brought the kids and decided to come! and you do have saints for children. (ie: they rise to the occasion when needed).

keep us posted on your grandmother.

stephanie said...

Blessings to your grandma & mom & sister and, of course, you. I'm so glad you stayed to play at Hogwarts today (a rhyme! It's a gift; you're welcome).

You are inspiring to me. Thanks for that. Be well.

SusieJ said...

I'm thinking of you. I'm so glad she has you and your Mom.

Spagirl said...

I'm sorry to hear about Grandma Jean. If anything positive should come of the stroke, maybe she'll think you own salad tongs! It's great that your mom picked up on the cues and went over to check on her. Hang tight and keep us posted. Love ya girl!!!

Sam said...

Man, I wish my kids would sit nicely at a seperate table. They would more likely start a food fight!

Sorry to hear about your grandma. Please let us know how she is doing!