Saturday, September 08, 2007

friday night

Zack and I pick up Lexi from Girl Scouts and stop for gas and fudgesicles, the essentials for the weekend ahead. We are all tired after a busy week; ready for bed, missing Greg. Lexi talks about the alligator she rode earlier in the day at a school assembly - it is a welcome break from hearing about her hair. Zack asks Lexi what she did at Scouts and the fabric that holds our world together begins to unravel.

Zack begins to cry, because he can't ride horses at horse camp with us.

Lexi begins to cry, because she can't ride alligators everyday.

And I hold it together, but wonder, briefly, what it would be like to ride off into the sunset.

The fantasy gets me through bedtime, when I can get some sleep and start over again.

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stephanie said...

Hey, let's ride off into the 3:10 to Yuma sunset tomorrow! Yeeha.

Funny, I so do not want to ride alligators or horses. Ever.

katydidnot said...

Can I come to Yuma with you guys? Please? I LOVE that your son actually cares enough to ask your girl what she did at scouts. I'm just sorry it ended in tear, for him, for her, hopefully not for you, but I think we've all cried at less than that.

Oh, The Joys said...

This is when K and I yell, "WE'RE LIVIN' THE DREAM, BABY!!!" at each other.

Suzanne said...

So I'm dying to know... when you're picturing yourself riding off into the sunset, is it on a horse or an alligator?

Mrs. Chicken said...

I need to share our family mantra with you:

"Whatever doesn't kill you, weakens you and eventually kills you."

That was a Chicken Family Mantra moment.

Lisa Milton said...

I think in this fantasy, there are no wild animals. Only fast cars.

And I did wish I had an adult present, especially the other parent adult present, to capture these precious moments with me.