Friday, September 07, 2007

safety update

It has been brought to my attention, post-electrical fire, that I should have reached for my fire extinguisher. Oh wise people, of course I should have, but I was in primitive mode - fire ceiling wall must stop fire house burn down me nude in street crying sad sad sad - so I grabbed the water bottle. Cavegirl did the best she could.

(I know it against all that is holy and PC to question these energy saving bulbs, but I am ripping them out of my house. I think the fire was an anomaly; I don't really think it will happen again. But now I am stuck with a broken, mercury-filled bulb. I don't understand how we can embrace a poison as good for the environment. Just ask Lexi and even she knows she can't have tuna often because the ocean is polluted and I am crazy when it comes to stuff like that. This contradiction makes my head hurt, or maybe it was the fumes yesterday - all I know is I felt like I was doing something good for the earth and now, I am not so sure.)

Ok, I feel better, getting that out.

Greg is off to the beach, again, for the weekend with his BFF (somewhere a man is grimacing at his laptop, begging me not to say that anymore) and a bunch of fellas, ushering in football season and fishing. When he returns, and before he takes off on his next business trip, we are shooting to get the new tires. I would do it myself, but my husband has many opinions about the Subaru breed and so, I am a 1950s housewife, frail and unable, waiting on her husband. He is adamant that the tires are not that bad, that we were planning on getting new ones soon anyway, but now I am freaked out. As is my way. I'm sure I was a vision of peace and calm when he returned from his day trip to California and back yesterday. Yet he still loves me which just proves my luck is turning around.

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Chris Alexander said...

So, here's the formula as I see it:
* Use regular bulbs, burn down the planet with greenhouse gas.
* Use energy saving bulbs, burn down your house with a pillar of fire.
Wow. That's mostly not cool.....

Oh, PS: a friend of mine used to work as Schwab and said they were (at some stores) trained to tell people tires that were within about 5000 miles of needing to be replaced were actually more dangerous to society than all the terrorists in the Middle East. I'd be more apt to trust your husband than the tire dude here.

SusieJ said...

Geesh!! There's one upstairs in my son's room, and the switch has a dimmer, and it makes this awful hummming sound. Now this....
I'm pulling it out.
What a DAY!

You're good now. You've had it all -- so you're good now. You can relax.

stephanie said...

Well I never thought about the fire extinguisher and my dad's a firefighter. Oh well. The naked part usually makes my brain get a little more primal, too.

You did alright; people are alive and property is not so damaged.

Let's go see a movie with cute boys in it this weekend (Stu will take your children!).

katydidnot said...

I will live in the dark. I'll use flashlights, whatever I have to do not to use those bulbs. I hate them and have felt guilty about for a year. I'm giving up the guilt now, so something good has come from your near tragedy. Kudos on the water bottle, I'm afraid I wouldn't have even thought of that.