Sunday, September 16, 2007

sinners all

We took a vote this morning - we are skipping church. I expected Lexi to pitch a fit and use some verse against me, but she seemed content to do nothing or paint. (I see the art vibe in her eyes.)

Zack seemed a tad bit too happy to ditch church. (Jesus wept.) Then I reminded myself, and well, the Lord, that the little guy has been missing his Daddy terribly and he is envisioning an uninterrupted day of glorious Daddy time. Then I think God reminded me that he knew that already.

(Just call me Joan.)

I believe in big downtime.


It took me many years of soul-searching to commit to church again. That first year, I was so afraid of missing services, worried I would slip away again.

It's different now.

It's been a tough week. I am aching from head to toe and the thought of sitting in stiff theatre chairs sounds miserable. So we are retreating, taking it easy.

I no longer believe worship only happens between 9 and 12 on Sunday morning. It's in hugging a child, listening to a friend, serving your community.

I believe in a big God.

I sent Susan Isaacs an email after I read Chris Hitchens Jumps the Shark and Jordan Green's Got His Eyes on "Jaws".

(Before I can go on, I have to state, for the record, that both articles still tick me off. Positing men are the funnier sex based on what is marketed in Hollywood is insanity. If you don't know funny women, I weep for you. My real life is teeming with them. I also have encountered plenty of humorless men over the years. Maybe, just maybe, humor is like other personality trait - some have it, and some don't. I'm stepping down off my handy soapbox, right about...now. Breathe.)

Anyhoo, I started reading her blog and discovered we have much in common - despite the fact that she is a glamorous actress with a book contract and I am knee deep in PTA. Our spiritual paths are long and windy; we don't have all the answers.

She has always been kind and asked about my health. (She is familiar with autoimmune diseases, lucky her.) She has tempted me with bikram; teased me with kombucha, a fermented tea touted for its healing properties. When she offered to send me a starter, especially after the long week I had, I whimpered, 'yes, please'.

I believe in big community.

kombucha pancakes anyone?

{I'm making my first brew. It's a crazy west coast thing. There's a little hippie in my heart.}

Thanks Susan.

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Daisy said...

Here here! We also ditched church today. We needed a morning of family time and reconnecting. I'm also of the mindset that worship doesn't just happen between 9-12 on Sundays. Maybe (gasp!) we'll start going to the Saturday night service! Christian living is Monday-Saturday, with coming together as a community on Sunday to worship corporately and take Communion. I wish more people had this mindset, because it IS biblical! :-)

Scribbit said...

Sounds like more than your average brew--I hope the week gets easier, that the down time helped.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you hurt. I want to know more on our next walk. I also skipped church because I was too sad about being alone to not barf feelings on other people. Sometimes the Children's Museum is church. I watched my amazing kids have fun and be kind to each other. God was in that I think.

Jen B:)

Irene said...

My dad was big into that tea for a long time right after i graduated from college. He had arthritis really bad and was trying anything to just be able to walk again. I don't remember if it actually helped, but we had a batch always going for a long time so it must of been doing some good. Hope it helps!