Tuesday, September 18, 2007

In other words

I just reread my post from this morning. I'm afraid I came across as a 1) teacher hater and 2) PTA nutjob, pushing those around me to volunteer at the school when they really are pressed for time.

I don't think I am either. I was just mad after someone took a swipe at me.


AmandaD said...

Sometimes thing need to be said, even though after the emotions have cooled they seem a bit harsh.

Daisy said...

Nahhhh -- you're fine. Rip that ole' bag a new one for making you feel inferior! Oops. That was my internal non-Christian-like monologue coming out... tee hee

back to commenting said...

I think you are right. It is OK to say "I don't have time" but not cool to imply that someones time is more valuable than somebody else's. Your original post is just fine.