Thursday, May 24, 2007

Blah blah, sick; blah blah, anxiety

Turn away, dear reader. I am about to bore you with more stories of snot and crying.

Neither is pretty.

Lexi is back at school today, right in time for her music 'informance' (a performance that informs, I gather). My Mom is coming over and I am standing on two feet again. I took SusieJ's advice and slathered apple cider vinegar on my chest; I chased Lexi down and did the same to her. She whined about smelling like a stinky locker room. I told her to stop sniffing herself (I am such an understanding mother) and to be thankful that her husband was out of town. Oh, wait that's me.

Greg called and said his trip may bleed over until Friday. So I pleaded and threatened to revoke my brownie-baking ways if the bleeding over occurs, but he has little sway over worldwide corporations so I may just omit the butterscotch chips.

At least my throat feels better today - if Zack keeps screaming every time he sees a 'bee', he will have bloody tonsils by noon. He has a NEW AND IMPROVED fear of all insects with wings, so bountiful in the spring, prompting him to cleave to my bod.

[Little boys are the new black.]

This phobia is the last straw, prompting me to scout out books on anxiety in children. I read several back when Lexi was 6 and had similar panicky tendencies. I try to remember that she used to this way - am I more freaked out because boys are 'supposed' to be tougher? Maybe. But I didn't enjoy hearing other Moms refer to Lexi as a big baby either.

Anyhoo, I found a couple of new titles. I have high hopes for the one that applies cognitive-behavioral approaches, tips and pragmatic advice.

I mean, how much 'troubled past' could the boy have in kindergarten?

Please don't answer.

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Stu said...

Good luck with the books. I guess a replacement for the ant farm should not be a "Bee Hive Junior".

So what is up with the new litle pop up comment window? (can't use my google toolbar spell check, and Lord knows I need it).

Hope the collective health of the Milton casa keeps moving in the up direction.


Scribbit said...

You're too funny even if you do smell like a locker room :)

SusieJ said...

It really does help if you sip the vinegar too!! I feel for you -- my son used to be afraid of the forklifts in Lowes!! Hope hubby is home now and you are getting some rest.