Monday, May 21, 2007

Death on Uncle Milton's Farm

Forget Terminix; if you have unwanted ants, just pour them into a farm and presto! Instant death. We have been feeding and watering the colony, and the suckers died.

Ants in the summer = inpervious. Ants we paid for = fragile.

The directions say we can sift the sand and start over.

(After our wounded hearts heal.)

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stephanie said...

Oh dear! I can't believe I'm sad about ants dying...Must be the 14 times I've watched "A Bug's Life." So sorry for your losses, Milton family.

Friendly pet suggestion guy said...

Maybe you could get some pet cockroaches! They are crazy hard to kill. Are you disposing, um, I mean, burrying en masse, or do you have individual headstones?


Lisa Milton said...

First the fish, now the ants.

It is tragic. I just can't believe that the ants died. They must have been defective; some scheme so we will order more.

(I plan on 'harvesting' from the sidewalk. They seem like robust ants to me.)

Irene said...

The boys found a new "pet" in our backyard yesterday which they promptly brought up for me to examine... a dead mole. I was just glad it was dead so I wouldn't have something else to try and keep alive!

SusieJ said...

That sounds like something that would happen to us -- I love it!!