Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sick and tired

After a week of coddling, I was able to shoo both kids onto the school bus today, as God intended. There have been unexplained fevers, coughs and inhalers for asthma. I was ever so glad, considering I have a sore throat myself and had plans to dream of baby ogres this afternoon.

I woke up and caught the end of Dr. Phil. (Well, not the end. The show continues despite my neglect.) I could have sworn I saw MARCIA MARCIA MARCIA airing her family troubles on TV, but rejected this initial thought because why would Maureen McCormick do such a thing. But alas, it was her. It was pathetic. And it is why I don't watch daytime TV anymore.

Lexi looked pale when I picked her up from track practice soon after. It may not be over yet.

I put our Blockbuster pass to good use, letting each child pick something.

We are hunkering down.

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This Eclectic Life said...

I hate it when everybody gets sick! Hang on, and don't come down with it (if you already have a sore throat it may be to late). I'm about to hunker down myself. I was at a school and had children hug me. Now, I love that...but I get their germs. I saw something about cayenne in your next post. I'm going to go look and see if that will save me. Good luck!

Lisa Milton said...

Unfortunately, I did fall...But what do I expect?

Little sick kids + hugs + immunosuppressant = surefire cold

But I am up and running, slowly, today.