Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Promises, promises

Breakfast at Panera's

We are having record high temperatures here in the NW. Before you can say 'global warming', I will be gone in a flash, racing around. It is a busy week in Miltonland, and we are sans one parent.

Zack's picture of Lexi

We delivered scones early this morning for teacher appreciation week at the kids' school. Then we headed out for pastries and ate outside.

Lexi's picture of Zack

Now it's back to school to help out in Lexi's class. I have many promises to keep this week.

My new glasses

Oh, and I picked up my glasses yesterday. I have 20/20 vision which means I am painfully aware that my floor needs mopping. I've been viewing the world through vaseline lenses. I think this newfound clarity may take some getting used to.


Stu said...

Those look good on you. The color matches you.

Of course, now when you come over, you can not look at our floors...


sognatrice said...

Great photos and wonderful glasses! And Stu took the words out of my mouth...no looking at my floors!

KDF said...

I find that it's always better to leave the glasses off. The house looks much cleaner that way.

Imperfect Christian said...

Great pics! I LOVE your glasses, mine are nowhere near that cool.

This Eclectic Life said...

Those are good glasses! I won't get any, precisely because I don't want to see my floor! Good luck with that single parenting week.

Lisa Milton said...


Thanks for the positive specks feedback. I wear them proudly now. I might even be smarter, who knows.

You're the best.