Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I've given up on all plans for the week. Dinner tonight? It's looking like Trader Joe pumpkin muffins and clam chowder. It's what we have. (Well, I was far too social on Monday, when I was due to grocery shop - I was all tra-la-la-la, I will gather the food, tomorrow. You know, the day the skies opened up...)

Greg logged some hours playing Fable 2 on Playstation, the kids created bookmarks for the local library contest, and I crept out for a walk. The plan was to grab some movies at Blockbuster, which I did, but really I was preserving my sanity for another day. Like today. And tomorrow if the freezing rain comes.

I was pacing myself.

Here's a little footage from yesterday's bumper car show:


(Click on the 15 car collision. No blood. I didn't know a car could bounce off that many cars/curbs.)


stephanie spencer said...

I'm sorry our socializing left you near starvation, but it was fun! :) Feel free to let us distract you from other necessary chores anytime...

Lisa Milton said...


Gee, chores vs. friends, witty friends. I like food and all, but I could get use to hanging out. Thanks for inviting me to tag along. We had a great time.