Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Not playing well, afterall

Body: Hey Brain, let's take it easy today. Rachael Ray is on. Besides, we are volunteering in Lexi's class this afternoon.

Brain: But the sun is out. We could walk around the park while Zack rides his new scooter. Get your shoes on.

Body, irritated: Um, may I remind you that we walked FIVE miles yesterday. There was sweat. I was achy. The arms are even reporting pain today.

Brain: I don't recall walking on them. Stop whining you big baby.

Body, dour: Listen, we are recovering, doing great, thank you very much, from that nasty sjogren's crap. We do our job. You are such a task master. Leave us alone.

Brain: I see that sour look.

Body, snotty: Nothing gets past you...

Brain: Hey, I have FitTV and I'm not afraid to use it.

Body: Fine. But there better be House and a hot bath tonight, or or

Brain, smug: Yeah, that's what I thought...

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