Friday, January 12, 2007

(Message inside)

(I am writing, even if it's a short post, Monday through Friday now. 2007 is shaping up to be my year of self-discipline. I am not seeking more 'shoulds' in my life - I've got a long history of being paralyzed by perfectionism. (It's not all it's cracked up to be.) Instead, I am focusing on taking small steps, daily, to reach some goals I've set up to be lofty, thus unattainable. (See:perfectionism) I am exercising, to regain my health. I am writing, it's what I love. I don't wake up every morning wanting to do either, but yet I am. Oh, I am growing up after all. (And sounding like I read far too many self-help books. Don't puke.)

I was rereading some of my posts last night and noticed a little trend. I am in love with parentheses. When did this happen? I don't think I interrupted myself continuously in the past. I can only think of two reasons for this change in my writing style: a) I have undiagnosed adult ADD (otherwise known as being a multitasking master mom) or b) I am imitating Chang-rae Lee. I was chemically altered by reading his book (full of parentheses and big sentences) while I had a fever. Like Spider-man, only with no cool powers or book deals. In the past, this quirk would have caused enough doubt to make me stop posting. At least for a while. But I am a woman on a mission, writing raw and loving it. Sometimes it's all about the love.)

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Davis Family said...

I have a friend, Josh, who makes parenthetical comments, but if they are long he labels them "Tangent Alerts." This makes it easy for readers to follow the stream of consciousness.

His blog(s) are a good read and you can find the "main" one at http://stumpedblog.blogspot.com/