Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lisey's Story

I started writing a blog to force myself to write, period. No drama, no formulas. Just write. My previous strategy included self-torture and missing exits on the freeway as I 'wrote' dialogue in my head. I still daydream too much, but at least I am doing something each day, putting the pen to the paper, or the laptop in this case.

I wrote a blurb about Lisey's Story at LibraryThing, but it refuses to submit. (Submit, I say. Submit.) So until my computer skills match my desire for tidy little book reviews connected through my book widget, I will simply have to copy and paste it here:

King is typically regarded as a gore-master, his throne squarely rooted in horror. But he has an uncanny ability to describe the relationships between everyday people - that's why I've been reading his books since high school. I have to admit that the 100 middle pages felt too long (I would have given up if it wasn't King and I needed to know how he finished it). Like others have noted, it is a creepy tale, primarily centered on a dead author and his widow, Lisa, and the relationship they share that transcends death. It brings Bag of Bones to mind; if you enjoyed the 1998 dark love story, you might give Lisey a try.

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