Monday, January 29, 2007

I took my woobie

I took a nap today. I had planned on taking a nice big walk, but I was dragging all morning, thanks in part to my new found sleeping companion, Mr. Sneaky Insomnia. I fall asleep lickedy-split, until Mr. Eye shakes me awake around 2 or 3. Now I tell you, is this really necessary? I am not taking Prednisone anymore, so the party is over Mr. Sneakers.

Please go away.

Luckily, he doesn't stalk me with worries or troubles - that would be a big bummer. He shows up in a tacky cheer leading outfit, urging me to clean closets, write, paint. And I would be pleased as pie to do any of these things, in the light of day. Preferably when Zack boards the bus to school.

This morning, Dr. Sara Mednick was on GMA, praising the value of nap taking. I focused my bloodshot eyes and nodded in agreement. Yes, doctor. What she said. I like her. I think I will bake Sara a pie. Tomorrow. Would she like a pie? Zack went to school; I set my alarm and headed to LaLa-land.

Of course napping during the day may interrupt my circadian rhythm further; Mr. Insomnia may take up residence with me. But for today, it made everything a little better.

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