Monday, January 08, 2007

Power Ranger Mystic Force

Power Ranger Mystic Yogini
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I've been 'practicing' yoga off and on since Zack was a baby. Last summer, I ventured out of my house (where all the yoga magic had happened up until then) and took some classes at the YMCA. I was still grieving my Jazzercise loss; I'd been faithful to the wacky jazz dance aerobics since leg warmers were popular the first time around. I came home certain that by-golly, I could try and love something new.

Now I've created a convert.

*If you want to see more superheroes/action figures in yoga poses (you know you do), check out yogabeans!, hosted by Mrs. Kennedy of Fussy. (She'll bust out some naughty words from time-to-time, so if you are sensitive to swearing, consider yourself warned.)

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