Friday, January 05, 2007

Achy, sore

For the poor souls that have heard me gripe about my aches and pains over the past year, what I am about to describe is positive pain. I have cruised through the holidays without nary a cluster headache; my arthritis seems manageable and my energy level is higher than it's been since the summer of 2005. Really.

For a time, I couldn't hold my blow dryer to fix my hair. My arms were that weak. (Autoimmune disease often causes muscle inflammation and weakness; it can target any muscles, including the heart and lungs.) I think in retrospect, I was depressed by my new limits and gave up on much exercise, besides yoga. (Even yoga proved to be difficult when neurological symptoms screwed up my balance.)

But wait, here's the good news. I like pain! Sorta. Now that I am in remission, I am cranking up the cardio, lifting some weights, crunching the crunches. And gee, I am sore.

Thank God I am sore. Not that I am complaining - never has overexertion felt so good.

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