Monday, January 28, 2008

whoa. disagreement.

(I thought I'd let him go first, as my guest non-blogger. Scratch that. As the guest blogger I'm pretending to be...)

Greg: So, we go out for drinks with the Spencers and everything was great. I settled in with my Icee and popcorn and all was good with the world. Lisa insisted on dragging me to see No Country for Old Men, 'claiming' that I'd like it. Like Fargo. And the first 2/3 were pretty cool. But the ending sucked. The sympathetic main...What, honey? Fine, no spoilers. But believe me when I say it sucked. I don't know what my wife was thinking. And I never even watched Fargo, at least not all of it.

Lisa: I've been wanting to see No Country for Old Men since the brilliant Joshilyn Jackson praised it and called it the one movie to see this year. And when Ms. Jackson talks, I listen. Plus, it's garnering Oscar buzz, so became a must see.

I thought Greg would enjoy it too, since he liked Fargo. (Yes, he did too see it.)

So the film ends and I'm breathless, retracing the lines, letting Tommy Lee Jones' words sink in. Greg stands up and moans. MOANS.

I guess I see his point of view, and clearly he had a more satisfying, happier ending in mind. But really, some stories just don't let us off the hook so easily.

(The Kite Runner left me raw the weekend before - I cried during three scenes.)

I'll screen my picks better for his next foray; more action, less nuisance. But I'm not too worried if he complains again.

He's apt to claim he never went at all.


Lori said...

Oh come on...how bad can a movie out be, when your kiddos were Wii-ing it up at my house?? No moaning...no moaning at all, when Mama Milton's sister hasn't been to the movie theater since April (and that was for Blades of Glory, folks).

lapoflux said...

Oh my, what cruel fate. The guy at our video store recommended Blades of Glory. I wanted to ask for our money back. So sorry for Lori that was her last foray into a movie theatre (though if you go as infrequently as we do you hope for a decent film... one like that might have put me off forever) Better luck next time Lori - and Greg!

Mrs. G. said...

Mr. G. and I saw this movie Saturday night and I LOVED IT. I haven't quit thinking about it since. I had to close my eyes for a good deal of the killing, but I was on the edge of my seat. And the cinematography? Wow. And I think Josh Brolin and I have a future.

flutter said...

Oh how I adore the big man sigh. The Boy does it too

JCK said...

That is TOO funny! I have to say I'm with Greg. But, I think we are the only 2 people on the planet that didn't think it was a work of genius. I liked parts of it, but overall it left me feeling like it was trying too hard to be an arty film. But, that's me. We saw it in the privacy of our home, so I could moan & groan as loud as I wanted to.

I really enjoyed this "conversation," Lisa!

stephanie said...

I was pretty dumbfounded that Greg didn't LOVE it like I did - I'm usually a tad wary of the Coen brothers, not to mention Cormac McCarthy; I'm always pretty sure they're going to gore me out.

The "Whoa, disagreement" line has got to be one of the best in a long time.

I am still feeling afraid of Javier Bardem. Still. Right now.

Daisy said...

HA! That is awesome... so funny that your hubby would actual moan at the end.

I saw Juno over the weekend and it was ABSOLUTELY THE BEST MOVIE. You just have to go see it. The writing is incredible and the acting is fabulous. Juno is just BEYOND witty and pulls it off sooooo well. She deserves the Oscar she's up for.

Lisa Milton said...

First of all: Blades of Glory, you pain me. The kids want to see it sometime, so I'm bound to rent it.

And Daisy: you are so right. I plan on owning Juno because it was just that good.

Professor J said...

I haven't decided if I can bear No Country for Old Men. I am a sensitive flower of southern womanhood, and I don't tolerate violence very well.

there was good and bad said...

I am between Greg and The Ladies. It was a Coen brothers/Cormac McCarthy combo which means there is a whole lot-o-killin' and the movie ends. There is no 'ending', it just ends. A little wrap up would be nice.


Kimberly said...

Hee hee hee...

I'll avoid that one for awhile. A Thousand Splendid Suns left me pretty raw. I'm reading the Kite Runner next but I'm giving myself some recovery time first. Oi.

Minnesota Matron said...

Okay -- I can't force myself to see this movie. My husband went with a friend and confirmed that it's a blood bath. Did yours like Kite Runner? It is rare that my guy and I have completely different takes on a movie, but it happens. I am right when this happens and he is not.