Saturday, January 05, 2008

pssst. it's me.

I just put some dinner in the oven - can you believe my family still expects to eat? - so I have a few minutes to spend with my laptop, with you. Oh, dear internet people that are not imaginary friends, I missed you.

I missed your posts. I missed complaining writing. I missed google.

I am one big techie, blog-loving, solitary girl.

no spitting

Don't get me wrong. They are lovely creatures; it was just a long week.

kids with the llamas
I took these on the first day, before the skies opened up and there was some flooding, trees down.
cantrall buckley park
The kids and I walked to the park where Greg and I traded our 'I dos'.

But I cannot tell a lie: I spent four days trying to bribe/smother/convince/quell two energetic kids in small spaces - around the family, around the skittish new dog, around Greg's conference calls and don't forget inside the car.

I might hide in the closet, until Monday. Is that so wrong?


Anonymous said...

Come hide with me! I have great sympathy for long family time in small places during winter.

Your friend who missed you!
Jen B :)

stephanie said...

Come, lady friends, have a martini & valium with me; bring your negligees. The men won't mind as long as we videotape it...

Amanda said...

The DIY project of the day blocked me from the computer...it was practically hive inducing. I feel your pain and know you are still a good mama.

Melanie said...

Welcome back! You were missed. Any llama drama?

Mrs. G. said...

Welcome back. Hide already...take some chocolate and red wine.

Stu said...

Stephanie has a great idea, you should do that, yes that would be just fine.

Oh, and welcome back from Llama Land.


Spagirl said...

Glad you're back! Hope it wasn't that strenuous! I'm looking forward to hearing your stories. Welcome home, my friend!

tz said...

I so wish I could hide at times...even from the family I love so much! Welcome back

JCK said...

Welcome back, Lisa! Glad you survived, at least with your sense of humor intact! Thanks GOD for that.

your non-imaginary friend said...

did you bring one of those alpacas home with you? i want one, he can live in my back yard. now come out of the closet and have a martini with stephanie and jen.


lapoflux said...

Yeah! You're back! Glad to hear you survived the wild animals ;-) The domestic ones are sometimes the hardest... HAPPY NEW YEAR! (I tried to type from my closet but the wireless doesn't work in there, darn).

K. said...

Not wrong at all. Welcome home!

Cara said...

Love the Llama pics. Are they friendly or nasty? I have never seen a real llama.
P.S. Welcome back!

Kimberly said...

Wrong? Heck, it's deserved! Reminds me of trips to see Neil's mum. Who has a golf course, full of dangerous equipment, a little shack of house, smokes two packs a day, and expects our kids to play happy in a teeny-tiny house where they aren't allowed to touch anything. Yeah.