Wednesday, January 23, 2008

boyish charm

boyish charm
The new shirt from Mason Spencer; they both have a lot of boyish charm.

Today I will tell you that Lexi is doing a fine job, learning her times tables or rather demonstrating that she already knew them (I believe this is a lack of confidence, lack of practice). I thought I would start there, head off the sibling rivalry, alive and well here at the Casa Milton.

Today I want to tell you that Zack is standing in the wings, learning this stuff with such ease, with such zeal, it makes me dizzy. He loves flashcards, loves numbers.

And it occurred to me why I love introducing new math concepts to him, watching him gobble it up.

Zack had developmental dypraxia; no amount of effort on my part helped him walk, helped him learn to talk. I felt so frustrated.

Early on, doctors and social workers would ask the question: Do you speak to him, interact with him?

I wanted to scream, and shout - because unlike Zack, I was chock full of words - and explain how Lexi talked early, so naturally.

Zack spent three months, early in speech therapy, trying to say 'more marbles' so he could play a game with a specialist, to teach him how to say the 'm' sound. Three painful months of effort and frustration.

So now that something comes to him light as a feather, I find myself amazed and thankful.

Some days are sweet.


Cara said...

Hurray for Zach, he is so stinkin cute, especially with that shirt and hat!

brandy101 said...

my daughter was a "late talker" - but now she is 8 and won't SHUT UP! :p

Kimberly said...

How lovely a feeling that must be!

Kevin Charnas said...

Contrast and perspective...




for both of your fierce spirits.

stephanie said...

Right on, Zack man. Mason would be pleased to see him rockin' that shirt.

And hurrah, Lexi. Of course we all knew she could.

Melanie said...

Oh, that boyish charm will serve him well.

Mrs. G. said...

Oh my, that smile is a beauty.

Beck said...

My oldest daughter has developmental verbal dyspraxia and she's doing REALLY well.
And now I want a shirt like that for MY little guy!

Mrs. Chicken said...

It is so interesting, the way their little minds are all so different. I think of The Poo and her incredible, astonishing, natural verbal agility, and I wonder what the second child will be like.

Good for Zach. Numbers are my personal nemesis.

JCK said...

Beautiful boy, your Zach! "So now that something comes to him light as a feather, I find myself amazed and thankful." Gorgeous writing...

katydidnot said...

imp comes to mind. very charming.