Thursday, January 10, 2008

on the move

After bad dreams and choking on my sheets, I pulled my whiny butt out of bed and got hasty. Kept moving.

The grey clouds outside my window taunted me, to retreat with tea. But I kept going. My friend couldn't make it to the gym, but, well, I didn't go either, but I pressed on.

I swept and dusted and climbed on chairs, counting the dust rings from months of apathy and neglect.

When I ran out of David Sedaris CDs, I turned to the pundits, railing about Election, 2008.

(I must stop here to point out that I haven't found my candidate yet. Maybe it would help if they were campaigning here, courting my vote, petting my head. Procuring my vote while I regale them with the spiritual ramifications of Buffyverse. I think I fell asleep just then. Told you I am sleep deprived.)

I whipped up breakfast for supper, always a hit with the kids, and we waited for Greg to drive home.


Anonymous said...

Lisa, I don't know what to do about this one either. Good for you to keep going..

Kimberly said...

Congrats on pushing through the apathy! Wheeee!

Amanda said...

Any movement is good.

And the election...bah, making me crazy. Though my daughter says Grandma every time Hillary comes on, hmmm, might be the deciding factor for me.

CamiKaos said...

I actually find it easier to decide on a candidate when they're not focusing here. That way I can get a broader view of what they are like before they start trying to appeal to "Oregon" values.

K. said...

Keep that chin up, girl. Leave the dust rings to themselves and start picking your imaginary boyfriends before the best ones are all sold out. WAY more important than a candidate, there's still time for that. Prioritize. :P

Seriously, don't tell anyone, but housework is my therapy. Sometimes. On days like the one you've described. Sometimes instead of retreating I need to have my hands in something solid and at least moderately under my control.

stephanie said...

You rock, plain & simple. I should be counting dust rings around here...

Thank you for taking me away after PTA - it was a delight. However (she says under her breath), next time - we go to Dave in Portland.

Good night; I'm off to read limericks!

Melanie said...

Momentum is a powerful thing.

Also, I will talk to you about spiritual allegory in the Buffyverse any old time.

Suzanne said...

Must be something in the air, because we had "breakfast dinner" last night, too. The kids love sausage and french toast any time of day.

As for choosing a candidate, we have time. It almost makes it harder when they start campaigning two years before the election. I'm sick of seeing all of them.

JCK said...

Breakfast for supper is always a hit around here, too. Well, with the kids! Glad to hear you have dust bunnies the size of Kilimanjaro, too. You know I was looking up at your pedestal. :)