Saturday, January 12, 2008

something holy this way comes

I was about to recount a week of twisters and mall visits - the horror- when my kids blew through the house, squeaking and squawking. And it's my fault. I figured I would make good on my 'sure, we can have donuts some Saturday' promise today and now I am paying for it.

(Tell me why their stuffed animals and baby dolls can't play nice. They are always crying, deprived of happy endings. Such drama.)

So, Greg's company holiday party is next weekend and I have rotated all the dresses I own at previous occasions and even pilfered my sister's amazing wardrobe in the past so I needed to find a new get-up, pronto. Something sassy, but appropriate for a grown woman. (This is not the prom.) Something that doesn't shout: The PTA meeting is right this way.

And did I mention it needed to be flattering and not too pricey?

I rambled through the racks and ended up with a new pair of jeans that I love. Mission unaccomplished. I would be disappointed that I wasted a perfectly windy day at the mall, if it wasn't for the Jean Miracle.

The holy, holy Jean Miracle, right up there with Jesus pastries and weeping walls.

I knew there was a God.


Kimberly said...

Oh my, yes. The right pair of jeans just makes everything all better, doesn't it?

I need a dress as well for a do later this month. Think I can lose 30 pounds by the 26th? =P

Mrs. G. said...

The right haircut, the right bra and the right pair of jeans can change your life.

Good luck with the dress. I'm sure you know we will want a picture with you in it.

I keep meaning to mention that I love your header.

stephanie said...

Dress? What's a dress? It's not part of my wardrobe vocabulary.

And if I didn't know you as I do, my sensibilities would be highly insulted by the PTA comment.

Best of luck. If you have to head back to the mall, I might be persuaded to accompany you as moral support.

Daisy said...

Ohh yes, the right pair of jeans. I'm just beginning to discover the wonders of these things!

susiej.com said...

Oh yes -- God is smiling on you. I have two pair that I love -- and I worked very hard to find those. I wear them like my uniform.

katydidnot said...

awesome about the jeans, seriously, but i think you forgot your initial mission...a dress?

K. said...

Jeans are great, but seriously - what IS it with the baby dolls and the stuffed animals, anyway? They always play and wrestle at bedtime after lights out, too, and I just can't seem to stop them.

JCK said...

Jean miracle, AMEN sistah! Love it when you get 'em right. Thinking good thoughts for you finding a ravishing, yet suitable dress.

I love your header, too!

Liz said...

Jean shopping is worse thean bathing suit shopping! Why are great jeans so hard to find?

Melanie said...

Can you spill the details on the High Holy Miraculous Jeans, or is it a religious secret?

Also, if you have a Kohl's in your neck of the woods, they have some gorgeous Vera Wang holiday dresses on clearance. Cheep, cheep.