Tuesday, January 15, 2008

pain in the neck

I finally dragged my sorry self to urgent care this morning, after the kids went to school 2 hours late because of icy roads. (I didn't see that coming.) Noon came and went and I left with some muscle relaxers and pain pills for my neck that I wrenched lifting weights followed by cleaning last week, making it the least sexy injury of all time. (She technically called it a sprain.)

I'd tried everything first: my miracle balls, swimming,whining, yoga, stretching, whining, hot tub, massage, ice, heat, and more whining. Still no relief. So, after a long night of shifting and sighing and Greg shifting and sighing to accommodate my pathetic state, it was time to see someone.

While I was there, a cheerful receptionist came over to see me and knew me by name, or at least as Zack's Mom. It was none other than a mom I had known from his preschool, the mother of one of his secret early girlfriends. We used to chat under the covered area, waiting for our kiddos, keeping an eye on the other young children in our care - we both were daycare providers.

Within minutes it was clear that her life had changed since the last time we spoke. She was recently divorced, back to work. She paused when she said this and I started to say I was sorry to hear it, but really, looking at her, I wasn't. There was a lightness to her I had never seen in the two years we had parked side by side. And while I certainly wouldn't celebrate a family splitting up, listening to her greet an elderly patient, watching her face light up when she talked about going back to school, well, something good came from this divorce.

I listened to her laugh on the phone while I waited for my turn, for my name to be called.

I often fear big changes, even good ones. Maybe I should knock it off and let my life unfold.

It sure looked good on her.

The muscle relaxers are starting to kick in and I'm feeling a bit sleepy. I'll be by soon, leaving you incoherent comments. If I can stay awake.


Kimberly said...

Owie...sorry you've been suffering with that for so long. Hope the muscle relaxants bring you relief quickly!

The story you shared makes me think of my aunt and uncle, who've been on the brink of divorce for ten years now. We keep praying they won't...but maybe, we've been praying for the wrong thing. Who knows?

Melanie said...

Youch. Feel better soon. Take your drugs, lie down, and watch "Buffy" while doped up on relaxers.

Mrs. G. said...

Feel better, Lisa.

stephanie said...

Hello Hello Hello, is there anybody in there? Sorry, I just started thinking Pink Floyd when you mentioned drugs...

I am truly sympathetic about your neck pain (and the unsexy way you got it...I think you should make up something very mysterious & scandalous). Rest; I will pray.

Let's go to a movie soon - that cures all ailments! (Just nod if you can hear me).

flutter said...

Oh love, feel better.

brandy101 said...

Oh I hope you feel better soon! Enjoy the meds if you can.

I wrenched my back trying to do "the wheel" after only warming up w. 4 sun salutations...silly me!

Zenmomma said...

Better living through chemistry. Hope the drugs have kicked in and are giving you some relief. THEN I hope your neck pain eases its way out for good! A pain in the neck is such a PITA!

lapoflux said...

Ouch - that does not sound fun! Hope the drugs do what they should and that you are better soon.